6th Annual Online Member Exhibition Juror – Karin Richter PAC, MPAC Awards: First Place: Anu Vedagiri for Blue Jeans and Steel Beams II Second Place: Dave Denson for Urban Colors Third Place: Helene Raymond for Tendresse Honorable Mention: Dave Beckett for Water Sounds NL Roberta Combs for Evening’s Last Rays Kathy Hildebrandt for Just Let It Be Ann Rochefort for Still Life with Lemon Ingrid vanReenen for Miles Signature Status: Joanne Cotton PAC Julie Grimaldi PAC Margot Hallman PAC Rona Huggins PAC Louise Kelly PAC Lauraine LaFramboise PAC Jessica Masters MPAC Gary Smith PAC Susan Typert MPAC Paul Vincent PAC Juror’s Comments It has been my pleasure and honour to serve as a juror for this PAC show. It is also a great responsibility as I know, as your fellow artist, you put your best foot forward and submit good work, only to be subjected to someone else’s judgment. I have done my best to remain as unbiased as possible and apply solid criteria when making my selection. I look for drawing skills, good and interesting composition, great values, a focus, interesting negative space and an emotional connection. The images I have chosen have most of the attributes and even when they did not, they had qualities that made them worthwhile. On the other hand, the images I did not select lacked in one or several of these areas. What I found most prevalent were value issues, meaning that light, medium and dark passages were not in the right place or absent. There were many images deserving an award and I struggled which ones to single out. They all have great design qualities. Karin Richter


FIRST PLACE - Anu Vedagiri, Blue Jeans and Steel Beams 2, 20x20 SECOND PLACE - Dave Denson, PAC, Urban Colours, 14x14 THIRD PLACE - Helene Raymond, Tendresse, 18x20 HONORABLE MENTION - Dave Beckett, Water Sounds NL., 22x59 HONORABLE MENTION - Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, Evening's Last Rays, 12x30 HONORABLE MENTION  - Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, MPAC, Just Let It Be, 20x28 HONORABLE MENTION - Ann Rochefort, Still Life With Lemon, 20x19 HONORABLE MENTION - Ingrid vanReenan, Miles, 8x10 Paige Axelrood, Morning Light, 14x11 Paige Axelrood, Rio Grande, 6.25x10 Dave Beckett, North River Mist Dave Beckett, Textures, 18x29 Rosemary Bennett, Memories of my Peace Rose, 20x16 Rosemary Bennett, Wise Eyes, 20x16 Rosemary Bennett, Young Lovers in Paris, 20x16 Elsa Black, An Old Acquaintance, 24x36 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Emergence, 19.5x25.5 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Styrax Japonica, 16.75x22.75 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Sunstruck, 9.75x13.75 Louise Bourgault, Peach and Pear, 9x12 Louise Bourgault, The Waterlillies at Cherry River Magog, 16x24 Joyce Boyer, PAC, Forest Wonderland, 10x12 Joyce Boyer, PAC, Music to My Soul, 15x32 Renata Bradshaw, PAC, Algonquin Isle, 20x15 Renata Bradshaw, PAC, Evening Glow, 20x16 Renata Bradshaw, PAC, Morning, 22x11 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Golden Light, 9x12 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Into the Woods, 12x16 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Sleek on Summer Grasses, 13x16 Crystal Clarke, Alces Alces, 16x20 Crystal Clarke, Stretch and See, 14x12 Joanne Cotton, PAC, Crescendo, 11x17 Joanne Cotton, PAC, Sognante, 19x19 Joanne Cotton, PAC, Sonata Allegro, 29.5x22 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, Treasure Hunters, 9x15 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, Two Hearts, 16x20 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, Winter Fog, 7x10 Christina Edwards, PAC, Low Tide, 12x12 Christina Edwards, PAC, Rugged Shore, 24x24 Janet Ellison, Very Berry, 11x14 Janet Ellison, Winter Barn, 11x14 Fred Fielding, PAC, MPAC, Passing Summer Storm, 12x14 Fred Fielding, PAC, MPAC, Passing Summer Storm, 12x14 Jo-Anne Finegan, Marsh at Peace, 7x5 Irene Gray, PAC, Pheasant Under Glass, 23x37 Irene Gray, PAC, Tusker, 42x32 Ruth Greenlaw, PAC, Ripples, 15x20 Ruth Greenlaw, PAC, Sparkle, 13x17 Julie Grimaldi, Milkweeds and Lanterns, 13x16 Margot Hallman PAC, Waters of the Tetrahedron, 17x11 Robin Hamel, PAC, Wedding Memories Bernie Hansen, Charotte, 12x9 Bernie Hansen, Donkey Sanctuary, 8x11 Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, MPAC, Merely Making a Vermeer, 24x18 Rona Huggins, PAC, Captive, 9x15 Rona Huggins, PAC, Puffins, 8x10 Maria Iva, PAC, Approaching Night, 12x9 Maria Iva, PAC, Path Through Bushland, 9x12 Maria Iva, PAC, Through Fall Forest, 9x12 Louise Kelly, PAC, Autumn Birches, 10x10 Jennifer Koehler, Pono, 20x16 Lauraine LaFramboise, PAC, Northern Ontario Chebogan Sky Lauraine LaFramboise, PAC, The Marsh Sings, 9x12 Monette LeBlanc-Priemer, Leonard, 9x12 Monette LeBlanc-Priemer, Roxy's Adventure Lynda Lynn, The Sentinel, 6.5x9.5 Lynda Lynn, Trout Lake Road, 7x10 Wai Shing Allan Mak, Don't Step Further, 42x13 Jessica Masters, PAC, MPAC, Wave 18, 30x30 Jessica Masters, PAC, MPAC, Wave 19, 21x42 Jessica Masters, PAC, MPAC, Wave 20, 21x21 Linda McCallum, Autumn's Declaration, 11x14 Linda McCallum, Left Standing, 11x14 Lynn McCleary, Queen Annes Lace, 12x9 Donna McDonnell, PAC, If a Tree Falls inthe Forest, 14x11 Donna McDonnell, PAC, Orchard, Hornby Island, 16x20 Ingrid Mueller, Cardinal, 11x11 Ingrid Mueller, Chimp, 14x11 Ingrid Mueller, Roscoe, 17x11.5 Denise Nonomura, PAC, Forest Light, 20x16 Denise Nonomura, PAC, The Milliner's Shelf, 18x24 Francis Obie, PAC, MPAC, Glacier, 24x24 Francis Obie, PAC, MPAC, Road Through Alberta Fields, 16x32 Pat Porter, Margarita Morning, 12x15 Pat Porter, Patchwork, 9x12 Andrea Pyman Varangu, Dock Dreams, 19x27 Andrea Pyman Varangu, Hold My Hand, 17x13 Andrea Pyman Varangu, North Beach Sparkles, 19x14 Helene Raymond, Kiki, 24x18 Helene Raymond, L'espiegle, 18x14 Ann Rochefort, Onions, 21x14 Ann Rochefort, View on Mt Orford Quebec, 12x17 John Root, Cold Morning Cleaning the Stalls, 14x11 Jennifer Ross, PAC, MPAC, Clady Stacks, 10x14 Marsha Scott, PAC, Best Buddies, 11x14 Marsha Scott, PAC, Riley, 11x14 Susan Scott, PAC, Winter Walk, 14x16 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, MPAC, Creator Of Legends, 12x10 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, MPAC, Polar Bear Plunge, 22x17 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, MPAC, Rose Stack, 12x9 Gail Sibley, PAC, MPAC, Full on Yellow, 11x6 Gail Sibley, PAC, MPAC, One Plus Three, 6x9 Gail Sibley, PAC, MPAC, Green on Pink, 5.5x10 Gary Smith, PAC, Hayden, 11x14 Gary Smith, PAC, Rocco, 11x14 Rae Smith, PAC, Monet's Garden, 9x9 Gerald Stein, PAC, Beyond the City Wall, 24x18 Caroline Stellings, Winter Night, 18x24 Sharon Stewart, Building Dreams, 12x18 Sharon Stewart, The Fishing Lodge, 16x20 Lyn Thomas, PAC, Catching the Sun, 12x18 Andrea Thompson, Deep Dutch Scent, 15x11 Lyn Tretiak, Reading With the Barn Cat, 18x24 Cindy Trevitt, Cape Lazo Bluff, 7.5x7.5 Susan Typert, PAC, MPAC, The Cat Diet, 9x14 Susan Typert, PAC, MPAC, The Flower Store, 14x11 Susan Typert, PAC, MPAC, Walk In the Woods, 14x11 Ingrid vanReenan, Brooks, 8x10 Ingrid vanReenan, Carousel Horse, 10x8 Anu Vedagiri, Blue Jeans and Steel Beams, 20x20 Anu Vedagiri, Labor of Love, 18x12 Pool Buddies; Kristin Vignal, PAC, MPAC, Surfacing, 24x17 Kristin Vignal, PAC, MPAC, Surfacing, 24x17 Paul Vincent, PAC, Figure Study, 10x8 Paul Vincent, PAC, Geometry of Barns IV, 7x7 Lucy Wallace, PAC, In the Wild, 12x16 Lucy Wallace, PAC, Old Warrior at Tow Hill, 12x16 Lucy Wallace, PAC, Wreck of the Pesuta Haida Gwaii, 12x16 Carol Walthers, PAC, Lost in Translation, 8x11 Carol Walthers, PAC, Sleeping Giant, 18x11 Doug Wasilieff, Lookout, 12x12 Doug Wasilieff, Morning Walk, 12x12 Candice Woodard, Loch Rannoch Woods ,11x14 Candice Woodard, Movie Night at the Regent, 11x14


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