5th Annual Member Juried Online Exhibition December 2017 Juror: Trish Acres PAC, MPAC Award Winners First Place - Sheila Mathers PAC, MPAC Second Place - Guo Yue Dou PAC, MPAC Third Place - Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC Honorable Mentions Dave Denson Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC Ron Underhill PAC PAC/MPAC Signature Status PAC: Dave Denson, Denise Nonomura, Jessica Masters, Pascale Euzen, Susan Typert, Carol Walthers MPAC: Kristin Vignal, Ron Underhill Juror Trish Acres PAC, MPAC Exhibition Message It was a great honour to be asked to adjudicate the Pastel Artists Online Show this year. Although I was delighted to take on the task of selecting the show and its winners, it was far from easy. I found it most difficult to narrow down the Honourable Mention category. I would have chosen at least a dozen of them if I had been allowed. Over the years, I have experienced my share of juried shows, with many rejected pieces, and a handful of accepted ones. Artistic growth comes from understanding the reason for a rejection but also appreciating the qualities and criteria that a selected work displays. When your painting is among hundreds of others, it is a great accomplishment to be accepted into any juried show. Design elements that I was looking for specifically include well-drawn, accurate renditions of subject matter, texture and use of line, and most importantly painting light. It's one thing to paint a landscape or a still life and accurately translate the subject onto paper. It's another thing to use the spectrum of sunlight to help bring that same to painting to life. Light is what gives a painting that magical quality that the viewer falls in love with. Understanding how to describe the spectrum of light, whether it be in shadow, or in a highlight, is a skill that is worth working towards. I'm certain you'll enjoy the selected paintings as much as I did. What a joy to spend time looking at and appreciating the skill and dedication of so many Canadian pastel artists!


FIRST PLACE - Sheila Mathers PAC, MPAC, Yakoun River Spruce - 60x30 SECOND PLACE - Guo Yue Dou, PAC, MPAC, Leader of the Tribe - 28x20 THIRD PLACE - Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, All That Glitters - 20x26 HONORABLE MENTION - Dave Denson, Downtown - 16x12 HONORABLE MENTION - Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, The Making of Mona - 24x18 HONORABLE MENTION - Ron Underhill PAC, West Coast Guardian - 12x16 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Beauty Amid Chaos, 16.5x22.5 Joyce Boyer PAC, Beat the Rush, 12x12 Renata Bradshaw, Keele River - 9x20 Joanne Cotton, Everglow - 13.5x20 Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, Evening Silhouette - 7x5 Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, Walk in the Light - 10x10 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, Bay Off Islands - 6.5x10 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, Early One Morning - 10x15 Pascale Euzen, Souvenir From Vancouver Island - 28x20 Pascale Euzen, Tristan - 12x9 Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, Field of Gold - 12x12 Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, Morning, Weskeag Creek - 12x14 Julie Grimaldi, Blue Winter - 10x8 Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, Blast From the Past = 14x24 Rona Huggins, Robin in Shadows - 10x8 Maria Iva, Barn on Manitouline Island - 12x18 Maria Iva, Sunny Fall Day (plein air) - 9x12 Louise Kelly, Low Tide, PEI - 8.5x8.5 Joan Larson PAC, MPAC, Race Bound - 21x15 Donna Lauzon-Spears, Blue October - 9x12 Heather Laws PAC, Great Pyrenees - 10x9 Jessica Masters, Incoming Wave - 40x60 Jessica Masters, The Swell - 35x41 Sheila Mathers PAC, MPAC, Winter's Grip - 12x12 Donna McDonnell PAC, Wags - 9x12 Denise Nonomura, Pure Energy - 24x48 Denise Nonomura, Signs - 12x12 Frances Obie PAC, MPAC, Evening on Charlie Lake - 12x24 Frances Obie PAC, MPAC, Sunset Over Sea Marsh - 12x12 Lori Pengelley, First Bloom - 11x17 Lori Pengelley, Into the Deep - 11x14 Lori Pengelley, Show Me - 14.5x11 Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, Walk in Cootes Paradise IX - 21x21 Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, Walk in Cootes Paradise VIII - 21x21 Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, Walk in Cootes Paradise X - 21x21 Karin Richter PAC, MPAC, Birthday Still Life - 24x18 Karin Richter PAC, MPAC, Cinque Terre Coastal Hike - 16x16 Karin Richter PAC, MPAC, Summer Hike - 16x16 Jennifer Ross PAC, MPAC, Home Farm - 10x14 Page Samis, Beyond the Trees - 10x12 Patia Schacht PAC, Snow Covered Bench - 27x8 Marsha Scott PAC, Big Yin - 11x14 Marsha Scott PAC, Jax - 11x14 Catherine Sheppard PAC, MPAC, Chinese Laterns - 20x14 Catherine Sheppard PAC, MPAC, Maasai Warrior - 15x22 Catherine Sheppard PAC, MPAC, Military Macaw - 20x16 Gary Smith, Moment of Surprise - 16x24 Gary Smith, Wolf Child - 24x30 Gerald Stein, Dorsoduro Shadows - 24x18 Susan Typert, Microbrewery Series - Open Mic - 12x14 Susan Typert, Race Series - First Draw - 10x16 Tony VanderVoet PAC, MPAC, Sun and Ice Diptych - 22x30 Kristin Vignal PAC, Still Life With Bronze Hounds - 13x18 Kristin Vignal PAC, Tamarillo and Friend - 10x15 Kristin Vignal PAC, Weasel With Winterberries - 13x18 Paul Vincent, Geometry of Barns II - 15x16 Paul Vincent, Vineyard Promises - 21x21 Carol Walthers, Beach Boy Dog Stick - 16x22 Cindy Whitehead, October Frost - 8x10


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