4th Annual Member Juried Online Exhibition December 2016 Juror: Roberta Combs PAC, MPAC Award Winners First Place: Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC Second Place: Jessica Masters Third Place: Kristen Vignal PAC Honorable Mentions Beth Bouffard PAC, MPAC Maria Ivanova Catherine Sheppard PAC, MPAC PAC/MPAC Signature Status Joyce Boyer, PAC Irene Gray, PAC Marie Harold, PAC Marsha Scott, PAC Susan Scott, PAC Gail Sibley, PAC Kristin Vignal, PAC Lucy Wallace, PAC Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC Joan Larson, PAC, MPAC Juror Roberta Combs PAC, MPAC Exhibition Message I was very pleased to see the high number of submissions for this show. It is also clear that the quality of fine paintings being done by our artists in PAC have reach an all time “Wow Factor”! Note to self: work harder, paint more, the competition grows! Although the submission process invited up to 3 paintings, I chose a maximum of 2 paintings per artist to be included in this show. As there were 171 submitted and only 72 were chosen, I felt that there were paintings that deserved to be shown that would have been left out. There were difficult choices to be made. I’m sure you will agree that our shows are reaching higher standards every year. I look forward to seeing the wonderful paintings that will be submitted for the Purely Pastel 2017 Annual Ex-hibition at the Federation Gallery in Granville Island. It is important to stress that you comply with the submission standards when you do submit. There were paintings that were not considered because they were blurry. There were others that didn’t qualify simply because they were too small of a jpeg file. An on-line show must use the images you submit to present the show on the website so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you are unsuccessful meeting the submission requirements.


FIRST PLACE - Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, Things Go Better With - 16x28 SECOND PLACE - Jessica Masters, Wave II - 24x30 THIRD PLACE - Kristin Vignal, PAC, Three Cherries - 11x15 HONORABLE MENTION - Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, A Taste of Summer - 11x15 HONORABLE MENTION - Maria Ivanova, Huron Lake in Grand Band - 18x24 HONORABLE MENTION - Catherine Sheppard PAC, Peacock Study - 20x16 Trish Acres PAC, MPAC, Bessie, 12x16 Trish Acres PAC, MPAC, Melonscape, 12x24 Elsa Black, Remember, 36x24 Beth Bouffard, PAC, Lotus Positions - 14x11 Joyce Boyer, Basking in the Sun, 14x14 Renata Bradshaw, Algonquin, 9x12 Renata Bradshaw, Serenity on the MacKenzie River, 16x20 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, A Good Choice - 15x11 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, A Promising Day - 12x16 Joanne Cotton, Lavande de Lhern - 13.5x21 Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, October Glow, 10x20 Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, Oh the Stories They Could Tell - 12x12 Cathy Cullis PAC, MPAC, Beachway - 9x14 Kathy Dolan PAC, MPAC, After the Rain - 9x11 Kathy Dolan PAC, MPAC, Water's Edge - 8x12 Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, Goldenrod Field - 12x12 Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, My Quiet Place, 12x12 Susan Fraser, Into the Hemlocks - 14x10 Susan Fraser, Significant Sun on Lookout Trail - 14x18 Grace Frate, Beautiful BC - 12x16 Wendy Gordon-Forsyth, Tilly - 11x14 Irene Gray, Red Rooster - 18x24 Irene Gray, Sheep Portrait - 16x20 Julie Grimaldi, Making Tracks - 18x14 Marie Harold, Bethel 1867 - 16x16 Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do - 24x24 Rona Huggins, Focussed - 15x12 Maria Ivanova, Pond at Eaton Estate - 18x24 Gloria Kingma PAC, Sugar Bowl - 8x10 Marni Koelin PAC, The Cowboy App - 11x14 Joan Larson PAC, Sunrise Over Sable - 18x24 Donna Lauzon Spears, Lily of the Lake - 9x12 Donna Lauzon Spears, Where the Long Grass Grows - 9x12 Patricia Lindley PAC, Schooner - 27x15 Patricia Lindley PAC, The Mooring - 24x15 Patricia Lowe, Sun's Up - 15x11 Kim Martin PAC, MPAC, Here Kitty, Kitty - 10x8 Kim Martin PAC, MPAC, Lisa's Horse - 12x9 Jessica Masters, Wave III 24x36 Lynn McCleary, Butterfly - 9x12 Donna McDonnell, Medusa - 19x25 Evalynne McDougall PAC, MPAC, Aesop's Fable, Necessity, The Creator of Invention - 18x24 Christine Obers PAC, MPAC, Blue Duck - 9x10 Christine Obers PAC, MPAC, Sight for Sore Eyes - 11x8 Francis Obie PAC, MPAC, Fire - 12x24 Lori Pengelley, Untamed - 11x11 Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, At the Annex - 14x18 Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, Out the Back Door - 12x8 Pat Porter, Falls and Apples - 9x12 Karin Richter PAC, MPAC, Southern France Idyll - 12x16 Karin Richter PAC, MPAC, The Gatekeeper - 18x14 Patia Schacht PAC, Grandmother - 23x16 Marsha Scott, The Gaze - 11x12 Susan Scott, Tulips Pears and Coffee - 22x18 Catherine Sheppard PAC, Eyes of Fire - 16x20 Gail Sibley, My Boogie Shoes - 8x8 Gail Sibley, My Comfy Shoes - 8x8 Rae Smith PAC, Jute Box Dan - 18x11 Joanell Storm PAC, Making Sure - 13x20 Joanell Storm PAC, Woman At Cellphone - 13x20 Rosa Sung, The Lazy Stray Cat - 9x12 Ron Underhill PAC, Relegated 16x12 Kristin Vignal, Five Peppers - 9x12 Paul Vincent, Slipping Into Abstraction - 10x8 Lucille Wallace, Hidden in the Fall Leaves - 13x13 Carol Walthers, Sarah - 11x8


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