PAC 3rd Online Members Juried Exhibition December 2015 Juror - Dianna Ponting, MPAC Award Winners First Place - Grace Croughan, MPAC - Spring's Promise Second Place - Catherine Sheppard, PAC - Symphony of Feathers Third Place - Christine Camilleri, MPAC - Sensing Difference Honorable Mention - Clarence Porter, MPAC - Little Kennisis Honorable Mention - Aili Kurtis, MPAC - Nancy Honorable Mention - Lorraine Young - Le Jeune Boheme en Vert PAC Signature Status Marni Koelin, PAC Catherine Sheppard, PAC Rae Smith, PAC Joanell Storm, PAC Ron Underhill, PAC MPAC Signature Status Grace Croughan, MPAC Kathy Mann, MPAC Exhibition Commentary by juror Dianna Ponting, MPAC I am so impressed with the level of art in the entire show. It was obvious from the first run-through that I was going to have to be merciless in my selection process if I was to pare this exhibit down to one third of the entries. If you were not accepted in this time around, take heart, the completion was stiff and for the most part, it was just small elements that tipped the balance one way or the other. When it comes to awards, there are never enough and again I had to be ruthless and even then, had to revisit my selections several times over two days to finally pare them down. The first place award was chosen on the first run though; it was that outstanding. Most of the others were the same. For me, award winning paintings are not as much about technique; it is a given that that part of the process is taken care of in making it into the competition. Awards to me are about engagement, which you can see by my comments, makes them much more personal than professional choices.


FIRST PLACE AWARD - Grace Croughan, MPAC, Springs Promise, 11x14 SECOND PLACE AWARD - Catherine Sheppard, PAC, Symphony of Feathers, 20x16 THIRD PLACE AWARD - Christine Camilleri, MPAC, Sensing Difference, 8x10 HONORABLE MENTION - Aili Kurtis, MPAC, Nancy, 18x24 HONORABLE MENTION - Clarence Porter, MPAC, Little Kennisis, 16x12 HONORABLE MENTION - Lorraine Young, Le Jeune Boheme en Vert, 12x19 Rey Baecher, MPAC, Heart of Gold, 20x38 Ann Bickle Richardson, MPAC, Pack Order, 15x21 Beth Bouffard, PAC, Catching Rays, 11x17 Mary Conley, Baby Owl, 14x14 Mary Conley, Merlin, 11x15 Mary Conley, Bonnie, 14x17 Cathy Cullis, MPAC, Northern Rocks, 7x11 Shirley deLang, Harley, 12x10 Kathy Dolan, MPAC, Hugs, 7x9.5 Guo Yue Dou, MPAC, Flute, 20x28 Susan Fraser, Hourglass Light View from Highway 62, 11x14 Wendy Gordon-Forsyth, PAC, Winter, 14x11 Irene Gray, That First Step, 16x20 Ruth Greenlaw, PAC, High Clouds, 15x19 Marie Harold, Hay Bales and Goldenrod, 6x6 Marie Harold, Mrs. C, 5x7 Kathy Hildebrandt, MPAC, Crash Landing, 12x16 Kathy Hildebrandt, MPAC, First Loves, 23x24 Kathy Hildebrandt, MPAC, Orange is the Nu Black. 19x26 Marni Koelin, PAC, Nanaimo Bottling Ltd, 11x14 Aili Kurtis, MPAC, Creature of the Woods, 18x24 Ann Laidlaw, Chinese Lanterns, 14x12 Patricia Lindley, Icebergs in Fog, 6x13 Kathy Mann, MPAC, Last Rays Ranger Station, 24x18 Kathy Mann, MPAC, Dalit Tribal Child, 13x12 Sheila Mather, PAC, Camas Field, 12x16 Sheila Mather, PAC, Late Summer Bounty, 15x20 Sheila Mather, PAC, Toward the Salish Sea, 20x16 Christine Obers, PAC, Lacy, 16x12 Frances Obie. MPAC, Virga 2, 12x12 Frances Obie. MPAC, Virga 3, 12x12 Clarence Porter, MPAC, Plains Rd Sunset, 16x12 Karin Richter, MPAC, Bonne Auberge, 14x18 Ruth Rodgers, MPAC, Andrew's Field, 13x18 Susan Scott, Farren Lane, 14x16 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, All That Glitters is Not Gold, 14x20 Rae Smith, PAC, Halifax Waterfront, 6x14 Joanell Storm, PAC, Buddy, 20x15 Joanell Storm, PAC, Evening, 18x20 Joanell Storm, PAC, Scratching, 11x14 Ron Underhill, PAC, Wash Day in San Gimignano, 12x16 Catherine Weber, MPAC, Hay Got Rained On, 12x9 Valerie Wilson, Granville Island Night, 4.5x15 David Xu, Jenny's Winter, 14x26 Lorraine Young, Bridge of Dreams, 15x11


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