PAC 1st Online Members Juried Exhibition March 2014 Juror – Margaret Evans Award Winners First Place Award: Joan Larson, Ready Second Place Award: Karin Richter PAC,MPAC, Enjoying the Sun Third Place Award: Rey Baecher PAC,MPAC After the Cheers Honourable Mention: Christine Camilleri, PAC,MPAC, Winter’s Embrace Honourable Mention: Joan Larson, Pure Elegance Honourable Mention: Ev McDougall, PAC,MPAC, Spools on Spools


Ready, Joan Larson, First Place Award Enjoying the Sun, Karin Richter PAC,MPAC, Second Place Award After the Cheers, Rey Baecher PAC, MPAC  Third Place Award Winter's Glow, Christine Camilleri PAC,MPAC Honourable Mention Pure Elegance, Joan Larson, Honourable Mention Spools on Spools, Ev McDougall PAC,MPAC, Honourable Mention Empty Nests, Trish Acre, PAC Wandering, Trish Acres, PAC Golden Reflections, Rey Baecher PAC, MPAC Wired, Rey Baecher PAC, MPAC Foiled, Beth Bouffard, PAC Morning Run, Beth Bouffard PAC Preserving September, Beth Bouffard, PAC Old Pier Reflection, Joyce Boyer At the Base of the Range, Christine Camilleri, PAC,MPAC Tatanka, Christine Camilleri, PAC,MPAC Roca Besada por La Sol, Carroll Charest Evening Sparkle, Grace Croughan PAC Whipering Creek, Grace Croughan PAC Reflecting on Moose Lake, Kathy Dolan PAC Different Points of View, Kathy Dolan PAC Silver Breakfast, Pascale Euzen My Shadow, Louise Falconer November on Winter Farms, Fred Fielding PAC Train Yard, Fred Fielding PAC Canol, Sharon Fox Cranston, PAC,MPAC Granite Shores, Sharon Fox Cranston, PAC,MPAC Stormy Weather, Port Dover, Wendy Gordon-Forsyth Stormy Weather, Port Maitland, Wendy Gordon-Forsyth Glass Act, Gloria Kingma Reflections, Aili Kurtis PAC,MPAC Ripples, Aili Kurtis PAC,MPAC Verdant Rocks, Aili Kurtis PAC,MPAC Boys Will Be Boys, Joan Larson A Quiet Moment, Sheila Mather Guardians of Tanu IV, Sheila Mather Seaweed, Sheila Mather Basil, Ev McDougall, PAC,MPAC Valley Landscape, Ev McDougall, PAC,MPAC Mill View, Bob Northway The Waters Edge, Frances Obie Cross Road, Caro Perreault My Homeland, Caro Perreault vancouVIEWS A, Clarence Porter, PAC vancouVIEWS B, Clarence Porter, PAC Curbside Flower Market, Karin Richter PAC,MPAC Boytalk, Girltalk 2, Cliff Riviere Till The Cows Come Home, Ruth Rodgers PAC, MPAC Cellardyke, Jennifer Ross PAC, MPAC The Hidden Cabin, Patia Schacht, PAC Hot Hot Morning, Stony Lake, Susan Scott Bono Vox, Marsha Scott Grey Wolf, Joanell Storm Heart of the Matter, Jill Yousie


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