Purely Pastel – 27th Annual Open Exhibition Aurora Cultural Center Aurora, ON May 10 to August 4, 2018 Juror – Robin S. Nyikos PAC, MPAC Awards: Ursula Reese Grand Prize Winner: Cynthia Ni for “In the Sun” Second Place: Louise Kelly for “Self Portrait” Third Place: Jessica Masters for “Ogunquit Wave” Honorable Mention: Gail Sibley for “Summer Sanctuary” Clarence Porter for “Behind the Danforth” Evalynne McDougall for "Pat the Tourist" Signature Status: Renata Bradshaw PAC Fran Hutton PAC Maria Iva PAC Lori Pengelley PAC Gail Sibley MPAC Gerald Stein PAC Rosa Sung PAC Lyn Thomas PAC


Grand Prize Winner - Cynthia Ni, In the Sun, 11" x 15" Second Place - Louise Kelly, Self Portrait, 11" x 8" Third Place - Jessica Masters PAC, Ogunquit Wave, 18" x 24" Honorable Mention - Gail Sibley PAC, MPAC, Summer Sanctuary, 12" x 8" Honorable Mention - Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, Behind the Danforth, 12" x 12" Honorable Mention - Evalynne McDougall PAC, MPAC, Pat the Tourist, 26" x 22" Valerie Aston PAC, MPAC, A Toast to Joan, 30" x 22" Rosemary Bennett, Immortality, 20" x 16" Rosemary Bennett, Spring Crocus, 16" x 12" Beth Bouffard PAC, MPAC, Sun Dance, 10" x 14" Renata Bradshaw PAC, Good Morning,11" x 8" Christine Camilleri PAC, MPAC, Along the Mountain Highway, 12" x 16" Christine Camilleri PAC, MPAC, Greets the Sun, 18" x 14" Roberta Combs PAC, MPAC, Time Out in Fantasy Land, 15" x 19" Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, Across the Pond, 18" x 18" Grace Croughan PAC, MPAC, A Walk in Jefferson Forest, 16" x 20" Cathy Cullis PAC, MPAC, A Winter's Day, 5.75" x 9.5" Cathy Cullis PAC, MPAC, Winter Field, 5.75" x 10.5" Shirley deLang PAC, Ontario Trillium, 14" x 17" Patti Elliot, Catnap, 9" x 12' Margaret Ferraro PAC, MPAC, Tie Dye Lie, 17" x 26" Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, Men of Steel, 14" x 14" Fred Fielding PAC, MPAC, Pourin the Heat, 14" x 14" Claudine Gevry, Melting Icebergs, 6" x 10" Wendy Gordon-Forsyth PAC, Otonobe Creek, 12" x 19" Ruth Greenlaw PAC, Autumn, Nova Scotia, 17" x 19" Ruth Greenlaw PAC, Away From the Rolling Sea, 17" x 21" Margot Hallman, Coastal Marsh 2, 19" x 23" Kathy Hildebrandt PAC, MPAC, The Vice of Life, 18" x 24" Fran Hutton PAC, March Thaw, 4" x 4" Maria Iva PAC, Stormy Sky, 9" x 12" Maria Iva PAC, Walk in Credit River Park, 9" x 12" David Johns, Avenue Rd. Below St. Clair, 9" x 6" Robert Kranendonk PAC, Georgia in a Bottle, 30" x 22" Lauraine Laframboise, The Rain Drums Tirelessly, 6" x 6" Joan Larson PAC, MPAC, Frosty Morning, 16" x 12" Heather Laws PAC, Golden, 12" x 11" Heather Laws PAC, Spring Bay Foal, 16" x 14" Patricia Lindley PAC, Ladies in Red, 12" x 25" Patricia Lindley PAC, Winter Salt Marsh, 13" x 17" Marian Masters, Pots, 11" x 14" Marian Masters, Still Life with Teapot and Eggs, 9" x 12" Jessica Masters PAC, Spring Tide, 20" x 20" Helen McCusker, Poised, 20.5" x 16.5" Cynthia Ni, Through the Forest #3, 15" x 11" Denise Nonomura PAC, Killarney Bonsai, 14" x 11" Denise Nonomura PAC, Reflections of Courage, A Breast Cancer Survivors Dragon Boat Team. 14" x 25" Robert O'Hoski, Self Portrait With Dali Clock, 20" x 16" Lori Pengelley PAC, Embers in the Dark, 14" x 11" Lori Pengelley PAC, Time Passes, 14.5" x 11" Clarence Porter PAC, MPAC, After the Night Snow, 13" x 18" Willo rodrigues, Clematis Macropetala, 12" x 16" Jennifer Ross PAC, MPAC, On the Deck, 8" x 11" Jennifer Ross PAC, MPAC, The Vennel, 12" x 9" Gail Sibley PAC, MPAC, Gone to the Beach, 12" x 9" Gary Smith, Moving to Berlin, 28" x 24" Rae Smith PAC, Waves at Peggy Cove, 9" x 12" Gerald Stein PAC, Pools of Light in a Venetian Canal, 24" x 18" Rosa Sung PAC, Mika, 5" x 8" Rosa Sung PAC, Wintertime in Guelph, 5" x 7" Lyn Thomas PAC, Gold Creek, 15" x 19" Susan Typert PAC, Blooming Hot Tea, 9" x 12" Susan Typert PAC, Microbrewery Series - Window Seat, 10" x 13" Suzanne Wakefield, Autumn Yin and Yang, 15.5" x 19.5" Suzanne Wakefield, Jump for Joy, 18" x 16" Lucy Wallace PAC, Close Hauled, 12" x 16" Lucy Wallace PAC, Steely Expression, 12" x 16" Carol Walthers PAC, Faith in Motion, 18" x 12" Carol Walthers PAC, Tight Squeeze, 12" x 18" Doug Wasilieff, Standing Tall, 11" x 14"


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