Purely Pastel – 26 Annual Open Exhibition Federation Gallery Vancouver, BC May 22 to June 4, 2017 Juror – Richard McKinley, PSA-HFH, PSWC-DP Awards: Ursula Reese Grande Prize - Trish Acres - Freckled Teapot Second Prize - Ruth Rodgers - Touch the Stars Third Prize - Claudine Gevry - Winter Light Honorable Mentions: Kathy Hildebrandt - Planes, Trains & Automobiles Gail Sibley - Summer Evening in Budapest Kira Sokolovskaia - Lynne Forest Signature Status: Grace Frate, PAC Sheila Mather, MPAC Donna McDonnell, PAC Catherine Sheppard, MPAC Valerie Wilson, PAC


URSULA REESE GRAND PRIZE - Trish Acres, PAC, MPAC, Freckled Teapot, 15x10 SECOND PRIZE - Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC, Touch the Stars - 8x8 THIRD PRIZE - Claudine Gevry, Winter Lights - 20x16 HONORABLE MENTION - Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, MPAC, Planes, Trains & Automobiles - 18x24 HONORABLE MENTION - Gail Sibley, PAC , Summer Evening in Budapest - 11x18 HONORABLE MENTION - Kira Sokolovskaia, Lynn Forest - 19x25 Trish Acres, PAC, MPAC, Oranges & Cream - 12x18 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Have a Seat - 9x13 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Park People - 8x11 Beth Bouffard, PAC, MPAC, Rhododendron Dell - 7x7 Joyce Boyer, PAC, Mystical Canyon - 19x11 Joyce Boyer, PAC, Rapid Movement - 9x15 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Quiet Estuary - 12x16 Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, Night Lights - 12x30 Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, Rhythm of the Night - 26x20 Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, The Sky is Falling - 22x16 Cathy Cullis, PAC, MPAC, Sticks and Stones - 18x9 Cathy Cullis, PAC, MPAC, The Opening - 5x7 Dave Denson, Gastown Traffic - 14x11 Grace Frate, PAC, Roesland Tree - 12x16 Jane Gardner, Athens Column - 11x8 Claugine Gevry, 100 Days of Painting Trees - 4x3 Claudine Gevry, Citadelle - 23x16 Irene Gray, PAC, Hereon - 18x26 Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, MPAC, A Boy's Life - 21x17 Fran Hutton, Path Through the Trees - 24x24 David Johns, Standing On Guard - 13x9 Joan Larson, PAC, MPAC, Diner With a View - 16x24 Joan Larson, PAC, MPAC, Hanging Out - 26x18 Patricia Lindley. PAC, The Amber Beads - 22x29 Patricia Lindley. PAC, Downtime - 21x11 Patricia Lindley. PAC, Lady in Waiting - 16x26 Jessica Masters, Untitled 2 (Wave Series) - 20x20 Sheila Mather, PAC, MPAC, Date Palm Duets - 16x12 Sheila Mather, PAC, MPAC, Little Arbutus - 12x12 Sheila Mather, PAC, MPAC, Morning Poplars - 24x18 Donna McDonnell, PAC, Medusa - 19x25 Evalynne McDougall, PAC, MPAC, Adagio For Strings - 20x20 Evalynne McDougall, PAC, MPAC, Sea Turtle - 18x24 Denise Nonomura, Almost There - 17x11 Denise Nonomura, The Still of the Morning - 11x14 Francis Obie, PAC, MPAC, Across the Strait - 10x26 Francis Obie, PAC, MPAC, Morning - 12x24 Karin Richter, PAC, MPAC, Blue Boats of Essaouira - 24x18 MJ Robertson, Morning Work - 19x25 Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC, Surf Splash - 8x8 Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC, Three Redheads - 16x20 Cheryl Roller, Not a Pair - 16x16 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, MPAC, Immersed in Blue - 16x12 Catherine Sheppard, PAC, MPAC, Lake Lovely Water - 15x21 Gail Sibley, PAC, Joel - 12x9 Gail Sibley, PAC, Passing Through (Budapest) - 12x13 Janine Smith, Big Sky - 13x19 Rae Smith, PAC, Dingle Tower - 9x12 Rosa Sung, Pasties DeNata - 8x9 Rosa Sung, No 5x7 Lyn Thomas, Osprey Village - 11x13 Susan Typert, Microbrewery Series - The Pour - 12x16 Susan Typert, Microbrewery Series - The Mighty Roar - 12x16 Ron Underhill, PAC, Yesterday - 12x16 Kristen Vignal - PAC, Fall from Grace - 11x15 Donna Wakefield, The Busker - 19x21 Lucy Wallace, PAC, Simpler Times - 12x16 Valerie Wilson, PAC, Sun Break - Palm Desert House - 10x15


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