Purely Pastel - 24nd Annual Open Juried Exhibition Federation Gallery, Granville Island Vancouver, B.C. May 12 - 24,2015 Juror - Andrew McDermott Award Winners: Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Sheila Mather - Roadside Attraction Second Place Award: Evalynne McDougall - The Blues Third Place Award: Fred Fielding - Rail Spur to Concrete Central Honorable Mentions: Grace Frate - Striped Lemons Christine Camilleri - Breezy Shore Kathy Hildebrandt - Monopoly Meets Mondrian MPAC Signature Status: Fred Flelding


Roadside Attraction, Sheila Mather The Blues, Evalynne McDougall, PAC,MPAC Rail Spur to Concrete Central, Fred Fielding, PAC Striped Lemons, Grace Frate Breezy Shore, Christine Camilleri, PAC,MPAC Monopoly Meets Mondrian, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC,MPAC First Light, Pamela Uyeyama Ice Age, Kristin Vignal Floral Reflections, Donna Wakefield Jump For Joy, Lucille Wallace Cove Garden November, Valerie Georgina Wilson Granville Island, Valerie Georgina Wilson Grecian Window, Jane Gardner Sea Otter, Michaie Alldritt A Toast to Green, Rey Baecher, PAC,MPAC Blue Crystal Ball, Rae Baecher, PAC,MPAC Pick A Colour, Beth Bouffard, PAC Vanity, Beth Bouffard, PAC Partners, Christine Camilleri, PAC,MPAC So Many Choices, Roberta Combs, PAC,MPAC The Lunch Hub, Roberta Combs, PAC,MPAC The Marsh Dwellers, Roberta Combs, PAC,MPAC Across the Pond, Cathy Cullis, PAC,MPAC Yellow Taxis, Dave Denson Sugar Bush, Pamela Duncan Waiting For The Train, Janet Ellison Reflective Bird, Janet Ellison Hanna Of The Rocks, Margaret Ferraro,PAC,MPAC An Apple A Day, Trudy Halliday The Pepsi Generation, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC,MPAC Sunset Castle Mountain, Matthew Innes A Groom's Pride, Marni Koelin The Boys, Joan Larson, PAC Arctic Midnight, Patricia Lindley Silver Plated, Patricia Lindley Tubac Window, Sheila Mather Cherry Blossoms, Donna McDonnell Hangin Out, Evalynne McDougall, PAC,MPAC Waiting For The Train, Evalynne McDougall, PAC,MPAC Drawing of Abstracts, Min McGuire Taylor Hill, Frances Obie Mortuary Poles - A Tree's Last Journey, Karin Richter, PAC,MPAC Signs of Aging, Karin Richter, PAC,MPAC Weathered, Karin Richter, PAC,MPAC Girl With Corsage, Robert Kranendonk Exactitude, Ruth Rodgers, PAC,MPAC Fallow, Ruth Rodgers, PAC,MPAC Callaghan Valley, Cheryl Roller In The Cove, Cheryl Roller Ticket To Ride, Catherine Sheppard A Place For Dreaming, Janine Smith Colourfull Canna Leaves, Janine Smith Alabama Sunset, Olga Smith Lunenburg Still, Rae Smith Washday In Croatia, Lyn Thomas Canning, Lyn Thomas Entwined, Lyn Thomas Peppers, Trish Acres Villa Lecchi, Ron Underhill Contemplation, Pamela Uyeyama


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