Purely Pastel - 22nd Annual Open Juried Exhibition Mlton Centre for the Arts, Milton, ON October 15 - November 9, 2013 Juror - Michael Chesley Johnson Award Winners: Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Catherine Weber, Bewilderment Second Place Award: Dou Guo Yue, Tranquility Third Place Award: Christine Obers, Fog Lifting in the Redwoods Honorable Mentions: Wendy Boyd, The Dancer Clarence Porter, Burlington Street East Jennifer Ross, Air Dried PAC Signature Status: Grace Croughan Kathy Dolan Fred Fielding Ruth Greenlaw MPAC Signature Status: Rey Baecher Wendy Boyd Guo Yue Dou Kim Martin Jennifer Ross Catherine Weber


Bewilderment, Catherine Weber, PAC,MPAC - Ursula Reese Grand Prize Tranquility, Dou Guo Yue, PAC,MPAC - Second Prize Fog Lifting in the Redwoods, Christine Obers - Third Prize The Dancer, Wendy Boyd. PAC,MPAC - Honourable Mention Burlington Street East, Clarence Porter - Honourable Mention Air Dried, Jennifer Ross, PAC,MPAC - Honourable Mention Berries 'n Cream, Trish Acres Abandoned Beauty, Trish Acres Lemon Slice, Trish Acres Companion, Rey Baecher, PAC,MPAC Instant Abstraction, Rey Baecher, PAC,MPAC Playing With Colour, Beth Bouffard, PAC Red Sarong, Beth Bouffard, PAC Tea For Two, Beth Bouffard, PAC A Character, Wendy Boyd, PAC,MPAC Butterfly Lady, Wendy Boyd, PAC,MPAC Shoreline, Gloria Burgoin, PAC, MPAC Up the Creek, Gloria Burgoin, PAC, MPAC Chance Harbour Dory, Rose Burley Bringing 'Em In, Christine Camilleri, PAC Listen to Your Heart, Grace Croughan, PAC Penny Mystery, Grace Croughan, PAC Say Meow, Grace Croughan, PAC Photosynthesis, Kathy Dolan, PAC In Thought, Dou Guo Yue, PAC,MPAC Ruffles in the Sun, Margaret Ferraro, PAC, MPAC Orange Sticks of the Sun, Margaret Ferraro, PAC, MPAC Wild Daisies in the Valley, Fred Fielding, PAC Evening Glow, Fred Fielding, PAC A Change in the Weather, Sharon Fox Cranston, PAC Intimations of Spring, Ruth Greenlaw, PAC Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC Play Ball, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC Well Red, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC Jubulation, Gloria Kingman When Life Gives You Lemons, Gloria Kingma Hubbards Tender, Patricia Lindley Tammaracks, Judith Martin January Light, Judith Martin Quillber, Kim Martin Still Life with Lilacs, Kim Martin, PAC,MPAC Herding Cats, Evalynne McDougall, PAC Milk, Evalynne McDougall, PAC Bleak Midwinter, Ann Oakley, PAC The Bend of the River, Ann Oakley, PAC Ann Richardson Bickle, Moving On Changeover at Fishermen's Wharf, Karin Richter, PAC, MPAC A Shaft of Sunlight, Jennifer Ross, PAC,MPAC Corbie Stanes, Jennifer Ross, PAC,MPAC A Small Gathering, Patia Schacht Solid Tears, Patia Schacht Complete, Catherine Weber, PAC,MPAC Winter Birch tangle, Jill Yousie Canopy, Jill Yousie


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