Purely Pastel - 21st Annual Open Juried Exhibition Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto, ON October 5 - November 4, 2012 Juror - Liz Haywood-Sullivan Award Winners: Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Judith Martin, Snow Queen's Realm The Pastel Studio Second Place Award: Glenn Bernabe, The Library Third Place Award: Dianna Ponting, Pinwheel Honorable Mentions: Trish Acres, Sweet Sorrow Kim Martin, One Canadian Lynx Frances Obie, Breakwall PAC Signature Status: Ann Richardson Bickle Evalynne MacDougall John Huang MPAC Signature Status: Valerie Ashton Ruth Rodgers Peoples Choice Prize was a tie this year: Bob Northway, The Proposal and Raymond Martin, St. David's Residence


Snow Queen's Realm, Judith Martin-Ursula Reese Grand Prize The Library, Glenn Bernabe, PAC,MPAC - 2nd Place Prize Pinwheel, Dianna Ponting,  PAC,MPAC - 3rd Place Prize One Canadian Lynx, Kim Martin - Honorable Mention Sweet Sorrow, Trish Acres - Honorable Mention Breakwall, Francis Obie - Honorable Mention Girl With Scarf, Trish Acres Rainy Night 2, Valerie Ashton, PAC Two Birds and an Egg, Rey Baecher, PAC Subway Platform, Glenn Bernabe Vantage Point, Ann Bickle Playground, Beth Bouffard, PAC Reflections of Birches, V. Rose Burley Bird of Paradise, Margaret Clark, PAC Into the Woods, Margaret Clark, PAC Brianna by the Fence, Grace Croughan The Cove, Cathy Cullis, PAC, MPAC Winter Creek, Cathy Cullis, PAC, MPAC Hotel, Haight Ashbury, Tim Daniels, PAC, MPAC Welcome!, Kathy Dolan Out the Window, Guy Yue Dou, PAC Rock & River, Margaret Ferraro, PAC, MPAC Made in the Shade, Fred Fielding Stand Alone, Kibbie Gibb Grand River Mill, Wendy Gordon-Forsyth Canola Field, Jessie Grant, PAC Mount Nemo, Jessie Grant, PAC Snow Patterns, Late Winter, Ruth Greenlaw Dusk Reflect, Louise-Ann Guy Someone to Look Up To, Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC A Red Bird, John Huang, PAC Red Flash, Aili Kurtis, PAC, MPAC Dusty at Wasa Lake, Heather Laws Clyde River Channel Baffin Island, Maria Liedl-Ellrott Golden Goddess of the Fen, Judith Martin St. David's Residence, Raymond Martin Tea for Two x 2, Evalynne A. McDougall, PAC Even Dozen, Evalynne A. McDougall, PAC Valley Slough, Sandra Murphy Winter Creek, Sandra Murphy The Proposal, Bob Northway Winter Stream in Douro, Janette O"Neil Winter Stream in Buckhorn, Janette O"Neil Johnson Canyon, Eileen Oswald, PAc, MPAC New Mexico Finery, Karin Richter, PAC, MPAC Canyon Road, Karin Richter, PAc, MPAC Winter Hedgerow, Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC Dogwoods, Early Spring, Heidi Rohde, PAC Ebb Tide, Jennifer Ross, PAC Home Under the Clouds, Patia Schacht Forest Colour, Terry Torra Piedrotas - Tapalap, Tony Vander Voet, PAC, MPAC Rushing River, Tony Vander Voet, PAC, MPAC Winter's Design, Ann Kelly Walsh, PAC, MPAC Summer on the Bay, Ann Kelly Walsh, PAC, MPAC Change II, Catherine Weber, PAC


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