Purely Pastel - 20th Annual Open Juried Exhibition Neilson Park Creative Centre September 26 to October 16, 2011 Juror: Horace Champagne Ursula Reese Grand Prize: Guo Yue Dou, PAC - A Quick Glance Second Place Prize: Kathy Dolan - Moose Lake Third Place Prize: Kelly Dodge, PAC - Gentle Giant Honourable Mention: Jenny Angold - The Lake Seija Biggs - A Stroll Along the Beach Evalynne McDougall - Quiet Moment


Guo Yue Dou, PAC   , Quick Glance, 28"x20  URSULA REESE GRAND PRIZE Kathy Dolan, Moose Lake, 16"x20"  SECOND PLACE PRIZE Kelly Dodge, PAC, Gentle Giant, 29"x42"  THIRD PLACE PRIZE Jenny Angold, The Lake, 13"x13",    HONOURABLE MENTION Seija Biggs, A Stroll Along the Beach, 21"x14"   HONOURABLE MENTION Evalynne McDougall, Quiet Moment, 19"x27"   HONOURABLE MENTION Jenny Angold, Tracks, 12"x12" Josephine Antaya, Backlight, 8"x10.5" Rey Baecher, PAC, Luscious Luster, 27.5"x27.5" Ann Richardson Bickle, Dust Shower, 19.5"x14" Ann Richardson Bickle, Turkmenian Markor, 14"x8" Seija Biggs, Handyman John, 20"x24" Beth Bouffard, PAC, Hollyhock Study, 17.5"x9.5" Christine Camillari, PAC, Rope Work, 12"x16" Christine Camillari, PCAC, The Watchful One, 16"x20" Christine Camillari, PAC, Last Light, 9"x12" Roberta Coombs, PAC,MPAC, Intimidation, 12"x18" Sharon Fox Cranston, PAC, New Day, 9"x12" Sharon Fox Cranston, PAC, Shattered Light, 15"x15" Grace Croughan, Father & Son, 21"x15.5" Catherine Cullis, PAC,MPAC, Off Shore, 10"x20" Tim Daniels, PAC,MPAC, Black Shadows of Summer, Lake Superior, 27"x18" Shirley deLang, Atlantic Fisherman, 29"x25" Shirley deLang, Starburst, 17"x14.5" Kelly Dodge, PAC, All Things Bright and Beautiful, 22"x23" Maureen Dorinda, PAC,MPAC, Cosmic Forces, 12"x12" Maureen Dorinda, PAC,MPAC, Horizontal Integration, 12"x12" Guo Yue Dou, PAC, Church on Yonge Street, 25"x17" Guo Yue Dou, PAC, Village Child, 26"x20" Margaret Ferraro, PAC,MPAC, Ruth's Blossom, 20"x13" Fred Fielding, Solitude on Olivia, 19"x13" Ev Gracey, PAC,MPAC, Spring Thaw in Pangnirtung, 12"x18" Ruth Greenlaw, Reflections in Late Winter, 18.5"x24 Robin Hamel, PAC, Rhythm of Nature, 18"x24" Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, Running on Empty, 10"x15" Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, Scotch on the Rocks, 9"x17" John Huang, Poppies, 18"x26" John Huang, Smelling Sweet, 20.5"x21.5" Glenda Krusberg, PAC, White Hydrangea, 18"x24" Kathy Mann, PAC, Busy Beavers, Closed for Winter, 15.5"x11.5" Kim Martin, PAC, Always Waiting, 11"x14" Kim Martin, PAC, Time Out, 12"x15.5" Rosalie Matchett, Seersucker Kelp, 26"x32" Evalynne McDougall, Still Life with Gourds & Apples, 18"x20" Karin Richter, PAC,MPAC, Seen Better Days, 12"x16" Ruth Rodgers, PAC, The Turning Year, 18"x26" Heidi Rohde, PAC, Late Summer Colours, 23"x18" Jennifer Ross, PAC, Brickscape, 10"x15" Jennifer Ross, PAC, Onshore Gale, 10"x14" Miriam Slan, Canal at Holland Marsh, 28"x38" Tony Vander Voet, PAC,MPAC, Badlands Tapestry Deep Shadows, 9"x12" Tony Vander Voet, PAC,MPAC, Hoodoos, 12"x15" Catherine Weber, PAC, Pizza for Lunch, 18.5"x13" Catherine Weber, PAC, Untouched, Minus 20, 26"x18"


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