Welcome to my world of art. I use a wide variety of subjects in my art pieces including animals, birds, antiques and portraits. I work in pastel, watercolour and oil paint. I like to use strong earth tones, similar to the masters of years ago. I also like the painting style known as Chiaroscuro. An Italian term referring to the contrast values of light and dark. I presently live and work in Surrey, British Columbia. Ever since I was in grade school, I had this insatiable urge to create using a pencil, crayon or brush. In grade 2 my father bought me a John Gnagy set for Christmas. I feel that this ended up being the humble beginnings of my art career. Original art is one-of-a kind. A true treasure in our society that mass produces almost everything. I get very inspired by things that I see around me on a daily basis. I am presently an member of the Federation of Canadian Artists with my AFCA standing, a member of the Pastel Artists of Canada with my PAC standing and a member at the South Delta Artists Guild in Tsawwassen, BC. While drawing or painting, I find it challenging at first then it switches to being more of a meditative process. I am inspired by the many colours in both domestic animals, wildlife and birds. I am very drawn to the rich colours found in sepia, burnt umber and yellow ochre as you will see in my examples. Each piece has a meaning to me that is why I create it. I especially want to depict life in a faithfully life-like manner. I am filled with gratitude that I was given this gift of art and am pleased to share it with you.


Ancient Rhythms, 16 x 20 clayboard, $1,200.00 Immersed in Blue, 12 x 16 pmat, $720.00 Vibration of Colour, 16 x 20 sennelier, $1,200.00 Gifts from the Sea, 18 x 12  pastelmat, $810.00 Contorted Elegance, 16x20 pastelmat, $1,200.00 Crown of Gold, 16x20 pmat with gold leaf, $1,200.00 Dobbs Antique Hat Box, 16x20 pmat, $1,200.00 Hook, Line and Singer, 10 x 14, $525.00 Basket Full, 14 x 11 PMat, $577.50 Iridescent Swallow, 14x10 pastelmat, $525.00 Symphany of Feathers (Artists Magazine finalist 2016), 18x22 1st place FCA; 2nd place PAC, $1,500.00 Peacock Study (sold), 20x16 Suede (artistic achieve, hon mention), $1,200.00 Scarlet Macaw - Honourable Mention award, 10 x 14 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Good As Gold, 22 x 18 on Suede Board, $1,485.00 Tiger Eye 2, 8 x 10 on pastelmat, $300.00 Eyes of Fire, Pt. Defiance Zoo, 16x20 suede (sold), $1,200.00 Reckoning Force, 30x20, $2,250.00 Boys at the Fort, 18 x 14 NFS pastelmat, $945.00 Little Princess in Purple, 10x14 pastelmat, $525.00 Flower Girl Bentley, 10 x 14 pmat, $525.00 Wrought Iron Concentration, 19.5 x 14, $1,025.00 All that Glitters is Not Gold, 20 x 14 pastelmat People's Choice Award, $1,050.00 Viking Baker Denmark, 25x16, $1,500.00 Hoi An Village Fisherman, 25 x 16 on pastelmat, $1,500.00 Maasai, On the Outside Looking In, 22x15 on pastelmat, $1,300.00 Pan Flute Player, Granville Island, 21 x 15, $1,180.00 School's Out, Africa (SOLD), 17 x 11 Artistic Achievement Award, $1,100.00 Pow Wow Dancer, 16 x 20, $1,200.00 Girl from India, 16 x 20 Sold, $1,200.00 A Ticket To Ride, 19 x 16, $1,140.00 Carpenter, Ft. Edmonton, 16 x 20, $1,200.00 Barkerville Prospector, 10 x 14 on Sennelier, $525.00 Captured Innocence NFS, 16x19 pastelmat, $1,140.00 Smokin', 10 x 14 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Filling Grandpa's Shoes - won 3rd in show, 14 x 10 SOLD on Pastelmat, $525.00 A Test of Character, 10 x 14, $525.00 Music From The Soul (sold), 7 x 8.5 on pastelmat, $375.00 Can You Feel The Music, 7 x 8.5 on pastelmat (Sold), $375.00 Gypsys Glass Menagerie, 24 x 18 on Pastelmat, $1,620.00 Especially for Svitlana, 14 x 11 SOLD, $525.00 Cookies For Santa, 9x12, $375.00 The Beast Within, 10x14 on pastelmat, $525.00 Putty In My Hands, 10 x 14 on Sennelier, $525.00 Grapevine Wood Spirit, 10x14 Sold suede board, $525.00 Squirrel Detail, 14 x 11 pmat, $578.00 Masks Transition for Masques, 10 x 14 (Award of Excellence FCA Granville Isl), $525.00 Molly, 14 x 11 SOLD, $580.00 Pepi, 11x14 sold, $580.00 Katie and Those Eyes, 11 x 14 SOLD, $580.00 Dominique (sold), 8x10 on Pastelmat, $300.00 Gracie, sold Canyon Coyote (sold), 10 x 14 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Caught in the Act, 16 x 16, $960.00 Three Amigos / Donated, 24x30 on Strathmore paper, $2,700.00 The Great Griz, 14 x 18 on Sennelier, $945.00 Horse Fly, 14 x 10 on Wallis, $525.00 Born Free (People's Choice Award), 18 x 12 Charcoal (Honourable Mention - Surrey Art Gallery), $810.00 Snow Leopard, Calgary Zoo, 10x14 on Suede Board, $525.00 Fixation (sold), 16 x 10 on Suede Board, $600.00 Racoon Study / Gift, 20x16 on Suede Board, $1,200.00 Mexican ATV (sold), 26x14 on Suede Board, $1,365.00 Snowy Owl, Burns Bog, 10 x 14 (sold) on Suede Board, $525.00 Who Gives a Hoot, SOLD, 10x14 on Suede Board, $525.00 Prismatic Blue & Yellow Macaw in Portrait, 10 x 14 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Prismatic Scarlet Macaw, 14x10 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Pelican for Mary, 10x14 on Pastelmat, $525.00 Copper Kettle & Blue Glass, 18 x 12 Pastelmat, $810.00 Golden Honey, 7.5" x 9.5" SOLD, $270.00 Fleur-de-Lis and Bee, 11.5 x 13.5 on Pastelmat, $585.00 False Sense of Security, 10 x 14 on Sennelier, $525.00 This Shack has Soul, 14 x 18 on Sennelier, $945.00 Ferndale Antiques, 21 x 9, $700.00 Abierto, San Juan Capistrano, 16 x 10 Watercolour, $720.00 A Close Shave, 23x18 on Pastelmat, $1,550.00 Fireplace Antiques - Watercolour, 27x16.5, $1,670.00 Scottish Mug & Pears - Watercolour, 21x9, $700.00 Two Generations of Comfort, 28 x 14 SOLD on Suede board, $1,470.00 Defending the Interests of Commerce, 24 x 18 Suede Board, $1,620.00 Eco-Friendly Heritage Toy Collection, 30x12 suede board, $1,350.00 Bunny on Wooden Box - Watercolour, 13 x 9, $440.00 Antique Toys and Chest - Watercolour, 13 x 9 , $440.00 Who Goes There, 8x10 on Pastelmat, $300.00 I Will Hold You (sold), 16x12 on Suede Board, $720.00 By George, things really do go better with Coke, 22 x 17 on Pastelmat, $1,400.00 Cowichan Bay Boats, 20 x 20 (sold) on Pastelmat, $1,500.00 Dance of the White Iris, 10x14 pastelmat, $525.00 Pink Orchid, 14x10 pastelmat, $525.00 Rainier Cherries on Blue Glass, 11.5x11.5, $495.00 Rainier Cherries, Copper Pot & Blue Glass, 11.5"x11.5", $495.00 Birth of a Carnivore, 10 x 14 on Sennelier, $525.00 Anole's Habitat, 14 x 18 on Sennelier, $945.00 Lily and Daisies in Blue Vase, 11.5"x11.5" SOLD, $495.00 Crocks 'n Dahlias - Watercolour, 13.5x10 SOLD, $500.00


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