PAC 2nd Online Members Juried Exhibition December 2014 Juror – Susan Ogilvie Award Winners First Place Award: Christine Obers - Olive Second Place Award: Trish Acres - Young Girl Third Place Award: Elaine Despins - Magali Honorable Mention: Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC,MPAC – Ode to Simpler Times Honorable Mention: Francis Obie, PAC - Virga Honorable Mention: Joan Larson - Musical Ride #23 PAC Signature Status Kebbie Gibb, PAC Christine Obers, PAC Frances Obie, PAC MPAC Signature Status Clarence Porter, MPAC Juror’s Comment The paintings selected for this show share an elevated attention to these elements: thoughtful composition, attention to sound value relationships, and cohesive and considered color choices. I am pleased that this group of paintings provides such a diverse and varied approach to using the same media. With a wide range of subjects and painting styles, this show captures the creativity and confidence of the artists selected.


FIRST PLACE AWARD - Christine Obers, PAC, Olive - 10x8 SECOND PLACE AWARD - Trish Acres, PAC, Young Girl, 11x8 THIRD PLACE AWARD - Elaine Despins, Magali, 26x18 HONORABLE MENTION - Kathy Hildebrandt, PAC, MPAC, Ode to Simpler Times, 24x36 HONORABLE MENTION - Joan Larson, Musical Ride #23, 29x36 HONORABLE MENTION - Francis Obie, PAC, Virga, 12x12 Trish Acres, PAC, Plum Tea, 7.5x12 Beth Bouffard, PAC, July Colour,m 17x13 Beth Bouffard, PAC, Shore Play, 13x17 Joyce Boyer, Autumn Splendor, 18x14 Joyce Boyer, Nature's Impression, 17x17 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Marshland Morning, 12x18 Christine Camilleri, PAC, MPAC, Sandpipers, 10x11 Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, Half a Dozen Apples, 11x12 Roberta Combs, PAC, MPAC, Still Cruisin', 11x17 Grace Croughan, PAC, Path to Swim Dock, 13.5x8.75 Grace Croughan, PAC, The Point, 8x11 Elaine Despins, Karsten, 18x16 Elaine Despins, Principessa Ann, 17x14 Kathy Dolan, PAC, MPAC, The Sun is on Our Side, 14x18 Fred Fielding, PAC, Six Butterflies. 12x16 Kebbie Gibb, PAC, Juho & Sean, 13.5x9 Wendy Gordon-Forsyth, PAC, Dani, 14x11 Wendy Gordon-Forsyth, PAC, Sly, 14x11 Marie Harold, Into the Light, 11x14 R. Duane Hendricks, Mount Assiniboine in August, 14x18 Irene Gray, The Talk, 17x22 Gloria Kingma, PAC, Glass and Marbles, 12x16 Marni Koelln, Summer Swin, 11x14 Joan Larson, Free Spirit, 30x22 Patricia Lowe, North of Town, 12.25x17.25 Raymond Martin, Early Spring Sunlight, 18x26 Raymond Martin, Floral Study, 19x25 Sheila Mather, Interloper, 24x18 Sheila Mather, The Rustle of Silk, 12x16 Cristel Mol-Dellepoort, Skater Boys, 8x32 Christine Obers, PAC, Stephen Olmsted, 10x8 Francis Obie, PAC, Miles to Go, 12x24 Euzen Pascale, Ninon, 17x19 Euzen Pascale, Tristan, 24x18 Clarence Porter, PAC, MPAC, Mansfield Farm, 17x24 Clarence Porter, PAC, MPAC, vancouViews No 10, 10x29 Karin Richter, PAC, MPAC, Frozen Majesty, 30x24 Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC, Invitation to a Kiss, 21x29 Ruth Rodgers, PAC, MPAC, Staying Aloft, 21x29 Jennifer Ross, PAC, MPAC, Rain on the Wind, 8x10 Jennifer Ross, PAC, MPAC, Sea View, 10x14 Patia Schacht, PAC, Sweet Mother, 20x17 Patia Schacht, PAC, The Seven Tree Trunks, 7.5x32 Marsha Scott, Childhood, 13x11 Catherine Sheppard, Captured Innocence, 19x16 Joanell Storm, Bec, 19x13 Joanell Storm, Theo, 11x14 Ron Underhill, Castle Gate, 16x12 Ron Underhill, Eric's Cabin, 9x12 Kristin Vignal, Honus World, 18x24 Kristin Vignal, Watching, 11x16 Lorraine Young, Sunshine on the Ave, 10x6


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