Storing Your Pastels

  • Storing pastel paintings layered on a shelf, in a large drawer, in print racks or bristol board folders can be a problem especially when you need to go back through the stack to find a certain piece.
  • Use glassine or tracing paper to cover the pastel. The artwork must be lying flat with the pastel side facing up. Cover the piece with either kind of protective paper and use drafting tape (3M, no 230C) to keep it attached to the pastel work.
  • A tab with the name, size and other pertinent information can help locate a work without having to sort through every piece. The tab can be either a pH-balanced piece of paper laid over the glassine and allowed to protrude or it can be attached to one edge of the glassine for each painting, much like you would do with a school notebook.
  • Using the thinnest version of pH-balanced foam core board or other non-acid or archival board in the layering process, along with glassine, helps keep the weight of unevenly stacked or slightly different sized paper more evenly distributed. Use interleaving boards that are all the same size and slightly larger than the largest painting paper you are storing. Interleave each piece wiith glassine and board or use the board every 2, 3 or 4 pieces.
From Oct 2018 - Dave Beckett PAC, PSA
Here is an excellent way to store your pastel paintings.

Cut a mat of foam core or mat-board, tape your image to the back and slip it into a clear envelope (if desired include a backing board). I use Crystal Clear Canada and buy Online for all my clear envelope storage, as well as my cards. They are inexpensive and various sizes are available. There is minimum rub-off.

As most of my work is on a Canson Mi-teintes pastel paper, I use a 22" x 28" size. The clear envelope folds over to seal the at any size. This method is also useful for showing clients unframed work.



Posted over 2 years ago
Glassine paper can be ordered in SHEETS of any size here: < >

Posted over 5 years ago
Research art supply stores on line for Glassine. I live in Northern Ontario and our local art store has Glassine in rolls or large sheets. Visit their website at King's Framing and Art

Posted over 6 years ago
Re: mold on pastel sticks - haven't heard of this problem but suggest emailing pastel manufacturers

Posted over 6 years ago
Re Glassine: Don't know where you live but if you are east Rochester Art Supplies carry it Website: or if you are west Dakota Art Pastels Website: They are both mail order places so do deliver to Canada.

Posted over 6 years ago
HELP! We moved and I haven't used my pastels in a couple of years. I"m back to painting and have found many of my pastel sticks have become moldy. How do I get rid of the mold and keep the sticks?

Posted over 6 years ago
I am relatively new to pastel painting and have been wondering about storing them especially after having a framer store one poorly and transfer colour from one area to another (Ahhhhh!). My question is where do you get glassine paper sheets?


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