Shipping your work


First, you must decide whether to ship the work framed or unframed. This will help determine what type of packaging to use. The best way to reduce the cost of shipping is to select wrapping material which reduces the total weight.

If you ship a pastel framed under glass, it often costs more than the painting itself, especially when you ship internationally. Instead of wooden crates, try using mirror boxes which are lined with styrofoam. They offer more protection and less total weight. You can get them from your local furniture store. Don't forget to put strips of tape onto the glass...just in case!

For more information on shipping, see the Shipping Tips Tutorial on this website. If you decide to ship your pastels unframed, Canadian company 'Specialty Arts Distributing' offers a non-static, 'Crystal Clear Artwork Bag'.For information, visit their website:

The final step is picking a delivery method. Canada Post is inexpensive and quick, but the box will have to be picked up at the other end. Apparently, UPS offers an excellent service, and will crate your work as well. Insurance is another cost to consider, however, if you're willing to risk going without it, we know at least one gallery who has used UPS to ship over 100 paintings, breaking only one piece of glass so far with no damage to the portrait.


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