Safety Issues

  • To protect your lungs, never blow at accumulated pastel dust. Take the work outside or hold it over a newspaper and tap the back to get rid of excess pigment. 

  • Wearing a mask helps protect against inhalation of pastel dust and if you are using this medium daily, an air filter in your working space is a good idea.
  • Pastel pigment can be absorbed through the skin. Try to get used to wearing disposable gloves. Gloves also help keep the work clean and it is much easier to clean the pigment off the gloves before changing colours than off your hands.
  • As an alternative to gloves, and to prevent dry skin, breaking nails or sweaty hands from gloves try "Artguard Barrier" Cream by "Windsor & Newton". Just put it on before you touch a pastel stick.  
  • When using fixatives, spray in a well-ventilated area, preferably in a garage or outside.


Posted about 1 year ago
1. The 3M Filter masks are effective butbrutal, more suited to a body-shop. 2. Which pigments are poisonous? Do Cadmium colours still contain cadmium, fro example?

Posted over 4 years ago
Does anyone use the 3M 8233 N100 particulate respirator masks? I have seen these recommended by a few artists. I wonder how long one mask would be usable.


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