Portrait of Les Richardson by David Parson

 ALT TEXT I first begin by preparing a board with a mixture of gesso pumice and
green acrylic paint. I then roughly sketch in the main elements of the
portrait using roughly the colours to be used. Happy with the general
likeness I move on to the next step. 
 ALT TEXT I continue to get rid of the prepared board surface by sketching in
the areas exposed. I add more detail to the face as well and add
detail to the hands and book. 
 ALT TEXT Now I begin to work on the background revealing more detail. I also
begin to define his shirt. Here i am interested in giving the lawn in
the background more character. Also here i begin defining more detail
in the shadow areas of his face. I also start capturing the character
of his straw hat. 
 ALT TEXT Here I work a lot on the background area, showing a sprinkler and
picnic table. I also work on the negative shapes in the tree area to
bring out the distance. I work in the hair with the dark blues in his
dark hair. I continue to build up in the face and book as well.
 ALT TEXT It occurs to me that the chair may be too distracting and I have a
crazy moment and wipe out a lot of the lawn and chair with a wild
flurry of rough strokes. Upon reflection I miss the chair 
 ALT TEXT Here i beging to redraw in the chair a little smaller and somewhat
farther from Les's face and redraw in the lawn more traditionally.
Even though I have made myself more work by drawing the chair in
smaller it seems to rest better and I leave some of my rough strokes
for character. Getting close. 
 ALT TEXT Here i concentrate on developing all areas to a more finished and
polished look until I am satisfied I've reached my finished stage.




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