• Be professional. Read the Call for Entry carefully and follow the registration instructions completely.   Any of the terms not met can be grounds for rejection.  
  • Note the conditions of entry. Highlight each one.
  • Note the conditions of acceptance.
  • Put all the required materials in the package.
  • Meet the deadline.

You're in - or are you?
You are on cloud nine as your work has been selected. Congratulations - but you're not done yet!

Make sure you follow the terms of acceptance. For the most part, volunteers run all of these events. Their time is precious so making changes and dealing with participants' requests for favours, outside of normal set-up procedures such as title changes, prices, in-take and pick-up, is often irritating and usually impossible. Remember, everything has been organized well in advance. One little change can lead to hours of work for a volunteer. For example, galleries often need the information for their catalogues and changes for them can mean lots of money. Work that arrives with information other than what was requested on the official registration form may not be accepted.


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