I have painted with soft pastels for over 40 years, my mentor is David Whitzman , a pastel painter and critic from Halifax, also old masters such as Claude Monet, I visited Vancouver Art Gallery this fall and saw all the old masters beautiful pastel paintings. I live in Sackville ,Nova Scotia and spend my summers at my cottage by the sea ,in East Chester, sailing Mahone Bay gives me many subject to paint. I exhibit at Amicus Gallery in Chester, Amber Rose Gallery in Mahone Bay , Art&Jules Gallery in Halifax , also Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ,Sales and Rentals ,VANS(Visual Arts Nova Scotia) Art-in-a-box gallery I also teach pastel classes at Art&Jules Gallery and Chester Art Centre. Our VANS group is having a "Paris Salon" exhibit in the Craig Gallery for the month of February 2011.

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Storm over Queensland, 7x7, $150.00 Spinnaker's Up , 18x24, $1,500.00 Ironworks Distillery, 8x12, $290.00 last race of the season, 11  x 15, $1,500.00 Bluenose, 4x5, $150.00 Bluenose, 4x5, $150.00 Last of Fall first of Winter, 9x12, $325.00 Along the 103, 10x13, $390.00 Windsor Forks , 12x18, $645.00 Barrington Head -Lighthouse, 11x14, $490.00 Lunenburg Pirate #3, 11x15, $495.00 Bear River ,Nova Scotia, 9x12, $290.00 The Falls, 12x12, $430.00 Over the Field , 8x12, $290.00 Over the Bridge, 8x12, $290.00 Ross Farm in Fall, 18x22, $350.00 Ironworks Still, 8x12, $390.00 on the Mersey, 11x15, $350.00 Aspotoagan boats at night, 15"x11", $0.00 Flowers , 15x22, $1,400.00 Aspotogan, 19'X13", $0.00 Bluenose races, 11"x15", $390.00 Peggy's Cove at Sunset, 9x12, $290.00 Prospect Plein Air, 11"x8", $250.00 Leighs Camp Road, 11"x15", $390.00 Studebaker, 13x19, $1,400.00 Saddle and Snake Island, 9x12, $290.00 Peggy's Cove  Piper, 8x12, $290.00 Peggy's Cove houses, 8x12, $290.00 Lunenburg Crusing, 8x12, $0.00 peggy's Cove, 8x12, $290.00 Apple Blossoms at Peggy's Cove, 8x12, $290.00 Sailpast  of Bluenoses Part1, 17x12, $500.00 Sailpast of Bluenoses Part2, 17x12, $500.00 Tremount St.Lunenburg, 11"x15", $500.00 East River , 11"x15", $500.00 Across the Road, 9"x11", $390.00 Sackville River, 11"x15", $500.00 Lobster Boat, 9x12, $450.00 Halls Harbour ,N.S., 13"x19", $800.00 Dueling sailboats, 18x24, $2,500.00 Banff Park, 19x13, $900.00 Louisburg Lighthouse, 16x12, $800.00 Lunenburg Pirate, 12x16, $590.00 Cape Breton Beach, 22x15, $1,500.00 Pt.Atkinson Lighthouse,B.C., 14x11, $700.00 Bonnie's Garden, 8x12, $0.00 Banff Meadow, 19x13, $1,200.00 Cabot Trail barn, 12x9, $300.00 Cape Breton Highlands, 19x16, $1,200.00 Cape Breton Highlands Park, 12x10, $500.00 Okanagan Valley, 22x15, $2,000.00 Chester Yacht Club, 10x8, $0.00 Self Portrait, 11x13, $0.00 Lunenburg Pirate #2, 11x17, $570.00 Normaway Inn , 10x14, $390.00 Annapolis Royal Market, 8"x12", $0.00 Cross Island Light , 8"x12", $350.00 Scotia Voyager, 12"x16", $490.00 Winter in Sackville, 8 x12, $350.00 Halifax Public Gardens, 8x12, $290.00 Barkhouse Boat Sheds, 9x12, $295.00 Blomidon Lookoff, 12 x 15, $700.00 Eastern Passage Lobster Boat, 8"x12", $0.00 Eastern Passage Lobster Boat, 8"x12", $0.00 Winter Wonderland , 10x13, $390.00 Rae's of sunlight, 9x12, $0.00 PEI Garden, 9x12, $295.00 Old Dozer, 9x13, $350.00 Ross Farm, 9x9, $150.00


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